About the Unit

“Matzof 247″ – (“Float 247″)”- “Mount Scopus  Enclave”.Mount Scopus enclave, served as an outpost of a great importance to the state of Israel, strategically and for intelligence purposes, because it was situated in the middle of the enemy territory…

Accordance with the Armistice Agreement with Jordan, from 1948 sponsored by the United Nations, Mount Scopus Enclave was in a ‘frozen status’, as at the date of signing, and it was forbidden for Israel, to change the number of personnel on Mount Scopus, to build fortify, to arm themselves, or replace the old-fashioned weapons, to new weapons, upload or download any equipment from Mount Scopus. Provisions of the agreement, allowed 35 civilians, in addition to the power of 85 policemen, to stay on Mount Scopus, a total of 120 policemen and civilians…

Provisions of the Armistice Agreement, that created a great need for advanced weapons,
in sufficient quantity, artillery, ammunition, explosives, mines and equipment for fortifications, to have real ability to defend against an attack, if it will come, on enclave Mount Scopus, a concern that led to the decision, to establish a special unit Because
of that…

In 1955, the decision they received, – they began to apply and turn into reality, began to establishing a special unit for Mount Scopus, and the unit began operating in 1956. That unit was of 2 crews of 8-9 permanent personal of special force, which included professionals of various functions with a permanent commander for each crew.
Their mission was to find sophisticated ways to smuggle weapon, ammunition and protective supplies to Mount Scopus. Addition role was construction of fortifications and planting mine fields around Mount Scopus enclave…

The permanent staff of the unitMatzof 247“, were soldiers dressed in civil clothes, disguised as university students… they were called the “king’s boys” and their commander was called the “King”. The crews would exchange places every 2 or 3 weeks.

The unit’s main purpose was to ensure the safety of the enclave as an Israeli territory.

Over the years, methods have been developed more and more sophisticated Ways… For smuggling arms, ammunition and equipment, Which Was “not illegal” To Mount Scopus, as aforesaid Known, forbidden by the “armistice agreement”.

To Mount Scopus we would arrive within two armored vehicles: a large armored bus and a small armored bus, the small armored vehicle we called the “smart armored”… we used the roof of the small armored bus, for smuggle weapons, ammunition, explosives, mines, and even three Willis Jeeps C.J -5, and three Unflinching cannon’s 106 mm, as well as 20mm cannon’s…

To the “not illegal” Smuggling weapons, to the enclave of Mount Scopus, we use to
call a code name:

“Caravans of flour”!

On both sides of the 2 armored buses were hidden weapons and ammunition, ready for action… for self-defense, in case that the convoy will be attacked. However only the small armored vehicle “the smart one” was a possibility, using armored roof lifting, and through this opening, to insert the most advanced weapon that was in the army, ammunition, explosives, equipment for fortifications, and other needs.

All The Weapons, equipment, and ammunition were introduced through an opening of about 30 cm in the armored roof.

The Jeeps were, cut into 29 cm parts…

On the mountain the jeeps parts were assembled, and the jeeps with the 3 Unflinching cannon’s 106 mm, were back in action!

For Jordon, Mount Scopus was, throughout all that period:

“A thorn in the throat” – for the Kingdom of Jordan!


The Unit managed to upload To Mount Scopus, Three Jeeps With Unflinching cannon’s 106 mm, mortars 81 mm, 20 mm Cannon’s, heavy machine guns, personal weapons and ammunition, mines, explosives and equipment for fortification, and other needs…

All in large quantities!

The Unit operated continuously from 1956 to June 1967.

Jerusalem the capital of Israel was united together!

The Unit “Matzof 247” was dismantled!